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Yes you can network in yoga clothes!

Presented By:
Open Here Yoga &
2hats Consulting

Bring your yoga mat, connect with entrepreneurs, have a glass of wine... Hurrah!
30 minute yoga practice lead by David Schlussel. Then get to know each other over a glass of wine.

Monday, February 23rd
6:30pm - 9:30pm
Location TBA


I Love You Because: A Night of Music, Art and Interactivity!

A collaborative photo project about love...the perfect Valentines Evening in SF.

$10 Cover
Saturday, February 14th,
The Design Guild Gallery
427 Bryant Street
San Francisco


....Slice Of The Day

Management Slice of The Day
When an employee or a charge comes to you with a problem like, " X is broken, what should we do about it?" don't take the bait. The best solution is to turn it around by responding, " What do you think is the best solution? What would you do?". This gives them ownership of the problem and the solution. They will feel empowered and it saves you time.

Marketing Slice of The Day
To find out what search terms people are using in your industry use the Google Search Keyword Tool. You will learn a lot about what words are most important to use in blog posts, newsletters, and what industry categories you are competing in.

Financial Slice
San Francisco has a number of Tax Credits based on what zone your business is in. Check out: Buena Vista strategies. Also call the San Francisco Board Business Hotline at (415)-861-4002 for information.

Development Slice
Create a plan first. 1. Write out the measurable goal 2. Brainstorm required components of the goal 3. Organize Components 4. Break down the components into tasks 5. Assess the task list to make sure it will take you to your goal directly, then get into action!

...and a slice of Life:
Go, right now, and sign up to volunteer for an afternoon at a cause you support... I just did and I feel great :)

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