Business Strategy

Business has four sectors and it is useful to know which one, or
what combination, you are working in.

External Relationships:
Advertising, Suppliers, Outside Retailers, Marketing, sales.
This is your connection to the outside world, where you present
yourself & your craft. The most important distinction to make here is
that your presentation is often different from what others receive. In
other words, think from the receiver's point of view rather than your
own...what do they see & what to they really want?

Internal Processes:
Scheduling, Production, Delivery & Documentation.
How you track your business is a set of practices that should fit your
personal style and get the job done right. Some people remember their
schedules in their heads while others print out procedures for getting
out of the house and into the studio every morning. Evolving
practices will grow with you your entire life. Processes are the living
expression of your craft in The World, and having a written map of that
process frees your mind for manifesting your vision.

Budgeting, Income & Expenses, Taxes.
Money is more than just dollars. It is a flow of energy between people, describing what they
agree is of value. Avoiding tracking your money doesn't eliminate
expenses & income, it just hides details from your consciousness, but
you always know on the inside. Being willing to face your money flow
takes courage and support --it's worth it.

Training, Education, Expansion.
Personally expanding your skills & abilities is the greatest gift you can give to yourself. Intentionally creating a personal development path, from daily meditation to
personal-finance-seminars, will insure that you serve your craft
powerfully. Be willing to set aside your ego and explore what you
don't know.

Working in any of the four regions of business should serve yourvalues & vision. Whenever you choose distributors, make sales, explore new possibilities...any business activity --ask yourself, "Does this serve my values?" If it doesn't, explore an alternative route that does. Business can be hard work and knowing The World is being served provides vitality and clarity to your business practice.

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