Turning Your Craft Into A Profitable Business
  • For new business owners
  • Four in-person or phone sessions (8 hours total)
Topics Covered:

Learning the nuts and bolts of business
  • How to create a business plan that works
  • How to make sales without being annoying
  • How to market yourself on the Internet
  • How to track and manage your clients and contacts
Simple practices and online tools to manage your business
  • Sending yourself reminders
  • Keeping clients and making them your biggest fans
  • Making the best use of online calendars, Internet communities, and shared documents
  • Staying on task, avoiding overload, and never dropping the ball
Developing your business support community
  • Find the best professional service providers for your business: web designers, lawyers, bookkeepers, and accountants
  • Create a support network of friends, clients and associates helping you to gain word-of-mouth buzz for your business and to help you stay on top of your game
  • Find out how to connect to your clients and become a part of their community both online and in person

What Happens at Each Session:
1st Session: Discovery & Overview
  • Discover what you want from your business and how our work together will get you there
  • Overview of the skills you'll learn and what will happen in our work together
  • Introduction to the business strategies you'll use to grow your business
  • Create an action plan for you to accomplish before our next session
2nd Session: Business & Marketing Plan
  • Develop the plan you started at the end of our last session, setting measurable goals, creating task lists, and assessing your progress 
  • Get specific on marketing, discovering where your clients are, learning how to reach them, and practice selling 
  • Introduction to the marketing tools you'll use to grow your business: leads lists, financial tracking, and online presence
  • Get a list of professional service providers and clearly list what needs each would fill 
  • Create an action plan for you to accomplish before our next session
3rd Session: Tools & Tracking
  • Leads Lists
  • Financial Tracking
  • Contacts Management
  • Scheduling
  • Online Social Marketing
  • ...this is where you learn how to use business tools
4th Session: Community Development & Business Plan Assessment
  • Assess the progress of your plan, what's next and what needs rethinking
  • Examine the results of your client community exploration
  • Review your business tools
  • Assess meetings with professional service providers
  • Set up your business support team

Business Consulting & Coaching

For entrepreneurs ready to take their San Francisco Bay Area business to the next level.