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Media Producers, Designers, & Developers

"It's really a pleasure to write a testimonial about John. His skill in explaining business concepts and structuring our approach to challenges has been incredibly valuable, but the first thing you'll notice about him is how into all of the meta aspects of your business he is. John gets that your passions are the fuel for everything yet to come, and he engages you in friendly and supportive dialogs to define what these core values are. This was true of our very first conversation, and its true of every meeting we have. I came to John wanting to turn my 10 year career as an in house sound designer into a freelance operation for film, video games and commercials. We are getting ready to launch, and I can tell you that the progress has been incredible from both a business and personal point of view. I know I'm moving towards doing what I love. And as John continually says..."Do what you love well and customers will want a piece of it."
Andrew Lackey, Sound Engineer, WabiSabi Sound

"John has been an amazing resource for my personal development both in business and my personal life. He pushes my edge in organization and time management by focusing on what I say I will do. He is highly demanding of my integrity and of my compassion for myself --that's where John shines as a personal coach: he digs in tight and absolutely supports me while we're in it together. The results have shown up all over: career growth, personal relationships & sense of well-being. I highly recommend John to anyone ready to step-up in their life through deep personal exploration."
"John's intuitive vision quickly gets to the essence of business goals to clarify new opportunities and ways to make them really happen..."
"It was a joy to work with John. He truly listened to me and helped me create a plan to take my business to a whole new level—he gave me the confidence and the tools to move forward. I can't recommend him highly enough."

Wellness Practitioners:

"Avra Organic Spa would not be in business today if it wasn't for John Van Dinther. I met my business partner through John, she was also his client. I couldn't have found a better business partner on my own. John has a way of making business easy. His coaching has eased my pain in so many areas of business: internet marketing, business structure, and most recently (and most importantly) management of employees. This is an area I believe ALL entrepreneurs need some guidance in, and John is absolutely genius when it comes to working with, and managing, others. I highly recommend anyone who needs some guidance in their business, or in their personal life, to hit up John for an introductory consultation, he's totally worth it."
Laura Ash, Clinical Herbalist, Co-Owner Avra Organic Spa

Service Professionals

"John is a tenacious worker and a decisive thinker! Not afraid to move in and get things done. Willing to work and work hard. When he believes in something he will fight hard to attain it."
"I can't say enough about John. We've worked together in a number of capacities, and I have been impressed in each area. He has been coaching me for a few months now, and in just a couple of sessions I saw a dramatic shift in my perspective helping to make me more effective in my business. As a networking partner he has been creative and thoughful in his referals. He's well connected and good at matching business partners, and clients with service providers. If you don't already know John, I recommend you get to know him."
Nikki Dell'Ara, Attorney at Law
"John has a finely honed ability to see right through all of your chatter and get right at the heart of things. He can quickly help you set aside all the roadblocks you've put in your way and begin to see clearly the road ahead. He will help you take your bright and shiny possibilities and turn them into brilliant realities."
Jeffrey Westbrook, IT Manager, Archdiocese of San Francisco

Marriage & Family Therapists
"John offers unprecedented depth and insight into everything he touches. He is powerful, efficient, loyal and authentic."
David Schlussel, Founding Partner, Open Here Yoga
"John is able to clearly identify and explain key pieces of business, while providing tasks that keep clients on track, engaged in the process..."
"John's strength lies in his enthusiasm and passion. He is the one who will jump start your business, by energizing you! John has impeccable personal integrity and will hold you and your goals as sacrosanct. I highly recommend John to anyone who doesn't know where or how to start—he will carve out the path for you."
Kevin O'Malley, Life Coach
"John is dedicated to getting you what you want. He excels with structure and time management..."


"John is an amazingly intuitive business person. He is talented in understanding not just the practical business issues of a small business but also the underlying inter-personal issues as well. John is a natural giver who cares deeply about his clients and personal relationships. John consistently over-delivers on his commitments and has high integrity with all his work..."
Oren Jaffe, Sustainability & Green Supply Chain Consultant, EcoTuesday


"John is an inspiration to work with, always coming up with new and innovative ways to tackle obstacles. He is a genuine and caring person, always looking out for his team and striving to bring everyone around him to new heights. Anyone would be lucky to work with John and be exposed to his pioneering and motivating mind."
"John challenges those around him to think outside of the box. I hate how cliche that sounds though. John is anything but cliche. He is intelligent, communicative, dependable. He solves problems in new and innovative ways. He is creatively competent and uses this strength to develop outstanding best practices in the business environment. He is adept in his interaction with coworkers, team members, advisers, and volunteers. I have grown professionally and personally as a result of our work together."

Business Consulting & Coaching

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