High Quality Procrastination

I called my friend Scott yesterday, muttering about how I was putting off preparation for a Facebook workshop I was going to lead. I mentioned that at least I was avoiding preparing by working on my newsletter.

"Ah, you have higher standards of procrastination. You're improving, good work."

He was right. I used to put off tasks by watching a movie or playing a video game, now I can't get away with that. Right at this moment I'm putting off working out, something I promised myself I'd do before going to bed, but I'm blogging instead. I'm blogging away like a fanatic.

Entrepreneurs hit productivity blocks and, because they work alone, there's nobody around to push the action button. Overcoming procrastination isn't just a neat idea, it pays the bills. Having good work habits is critical, you know that. But how do you develop good work habits in the first place?

My friend Brad started a movement he calls coworking: People working on separate projects in one location to support each other. Here's how to set up a coworking group:

Email several entrepreneurs you know. Invite them over to tea and a coworking session. Before you get together, set up a format. How long will you meet for? How much social time you will spend before (or after) your coworking session? Exchange information on what you will be working on; just saying what you intend to do, out loud, can have a tremendous impact on follow through.

For bigger problems, you need to step back. Is there something that isn't right? Are you in the wrong business? Why can't you sit still? Chris Edgar, of Purpose Power Coaching, has developed 3 productivity solutions: Attention, Intention and Foundation.

And then there's the, "Get 'er done method" for those of you who don't buy into support groups or complicated theories. Are you one of those people? You know that it's about getting your nose to the grindstone and pushing. Well here's your solution:
Write a list with pen and paper...right now. Go do it, 5 items max. Just go write it down. Okay, you got your list? Now go do the first item. ~Yep~

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