Three Networking Events You Could Actually Have Fun At...

Burlesque at a clothing designer's trunk show, a burlesque birthday bash at Club Sutra and the perfect Valentines art opening. 4 slices of piping hot bidness advice, fresh from the oven.

Management Slice of The Day
Before completing your work day, create a list of the next day's activities. This will get all those unfinished details out of your head and on to the page. Then, when you're taking that first sip of tea in the morning you can peruse the list with a fresh eye.

Create a leads list that adjusts anticipated income from a client depending on the chances you have of landing that client.

Financial Slice
Create a monthly budget from the last month's report of income and expenses. Then look at the same month's results from the previous year. Now you will be able to tell if your fluctuations are seasonal or dependent on some other factor.

Development Slice
Create a brainstorming group with 6 fellow entrepreneurs. Each business gets 20 minutes of floor time, exploring challenges and opportunities for your business.

Where To Connect In The City

LoVeBoMb - A Lover's Soiree

A Valentines Day Trunk Show put on by San Francisco's freshest clothing designers!
~~ Burlesque Show~~ Starting at 5pm
Performances by:
Les Moquettes Coquettes
Cheese Puff Girls

Deets: LoVeBoMb - A Lover's Soiree
Saturday, February 7th (2Pm - 7Pm)
Club Mighty
119 Utah St San Francisco

One of my favorite clients, Avra Organic Spa, is having a birthday party for Tira (the owner) at Club Sutra this Saturday night. Tira asked if I knew any cool people who wanted to come.

You can get in free and hooked up with the party by getting on to the invite list through this [link]

~~Burlesque attire for the ladies, suits for the men~~

Deets: Tira's Birthday Bash
Saturday, January 31st 10:00 pm
Club Sutra
443 Broadway North Beach, San Francisco
Dress Code: Burlesque

A super kewl art opening is a great place to connect and network with people. Missing Piece presents "I Love You Because . . . " Join Alex Warnow as he unveils 15 large prints at The Design Guild Gallery, We'll have wine and cheese (it is a gallery opening, right?) and many of the participants will be on hand. There will also be a limited quantity of books on sale. If you know you want one I suggest you buy it in advance.

Deets: I Love You Because... Gallery Opening
Thursday, February 5th, 6pm-9pm
The Design Guild Gallery
427 Bryant Street (at 2nd street), San Francisco

...and a slice of Life
Find someone who doesn't share your political views, ask them about their core beliefs, and JUST listen.

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