5 Ways to Frame A Business Relationship

It's handy to categorize your business relationships, to see where people fit in terms of your business once they've stopped being Strangers: that vast army with no awareness of your business at all.
  1. Prospects: They are aware of your business, they've seen your card, heard about you, etc.
  2. Leads: A prospect becomes a lead when they think they might need your services, and they're in the process of self-qualification.
  3. Clients: Your existing clients are your best leads. It takes less effort to thrill existing clients than to convert new clients. And thrilled clients come back for more.
  4. Associates: People connecting you to their business network. They can be your client, or businesses serving the same client demographics as you do. Sometimes they're your competition, but still have good reasons for connecting you to other prospects.
  5. Associations (or Events): Places where you gather Prospects...

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