Fire Panthers Action Pod - One Month Review

So after a month, Pamela, Jen, and I are still reporting on our progress weekly. It's working. The most important thing to remember is the great progress we've made compared to before we started the weekly check-ins. I definitely am getting way more done on a daily basis, especially the morning before the calls.

Pamela suggested we also track what we're getting done that wasn't originally on our lists as well, and that's been a useful tool for adjusting strategy and being flexible when new things show up. I noticed how my marketing to do lists were feeling scattered and unfinished, while I was working like crazy on business tools content. I adjusted after the second week, and now my business tool development is integrated into my marketing plan and I feel on track and check items off the task list every day.

What works best so far is:
  1. Stuff gets done because I'm working within deadlines.
  2. Reading the Done/Not-done list to Pamela and Jen shows my progress and...
  3. Encourages strategic thinking in moving forward.
Results include a new "Ask Tommy2Hats - Your Marketing Questions Answered " section on the 2hats Consulting Facebook page, and a "Road Map to Online Marketing" project that's in the works. I've also gotten a ton written on my Dungeons&dragons adventure, so I'm stoked.

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