15 Minute Calls: Accountability groups made easy

Guest Article:
Blake Mills

I'm not the most organized person. Emails go unanswered, projects get left idle for months and my to-do list sometimes seems frozen in time. One of the best structures I've found for getting out of a rut is the accountability group. It's a simple concept: get a few motivated people together to support each other in getting projects done. Over the last six months I've been participating in regular short accountability calls with three other people. For the most part, they've been great! The calls have helped me stay organized and focused on what's important to me. However, accountability groups have two major drawbacks: they're difficult to get started and they seem to fade away fairly quickly. Finding a dedicated group that's available and committed to making the calls is a challenge. Life happens, schedules shift, emergencies come up and pretty soon the accountability group slips away, often without anyone even acknowledging that it's gone. I was in that position a couple months ago. My group was slowly drifting apart. I thought about what I could do to bring more people into it. As I asked around I found a lot of interest, but finding people whose schedules matched up with our existing call was difficult. Over the course of a few weeks I came up with an idea I felt could solve several problems at once. By building a software system to handle hundreds of accountability calls automatically, members could pick and choose which times worked for them and the software would match them up with others who were available at that time. Problem solved! That system has now been built, and it lives at www.15minutecalls.com. Here's how it works:
  1. Become one of the invite-only beta members by clicking the link above and signing up.
  2. Enter a few goals, or a project you're working on, into your member profile.
  3. Pick a few times during the week you're available for a short accountability call.
That's it! Once you're set up, the system will call you at the times you specified and connect you with two other members. Your team will have a total of 15 minutes, during which each person checks in and members support each other in reaching their daily and weekly goals. The call ends promptly and automatically after 15 minutes. You are invited to join 15 Minute Calls and experience the value of automatic accountability calls that work with your schedule. Early morning, afternoon and evening times are available on any day of the week. During the beta release, the service is free and your input will help us make the service even more valuable. Click here to sign up now -- in just five minutes, you can take action to become more accountable in your life.

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