Fire Panthers Action Pods

Some of us over at the Bay Area Wellness Guild created action pods last week. "So what's that John?"

I'm so glad you asked. Another description might be "accountability group", and what we're doing is sharing our weekly todo lists with our team, which we named "Fire Panthers".

Team Fire Panthers!!!
(We gotta order some Fire Panther uniforms, I know right?)

So last Monday the three of us had a Skype call, sharing our todo lists for this last week, and today at 2:30 we'll each report on what we actually got done. Our thinking is that telling people what we're each up to, and then checking in on the results, will help make those things actually happen. I'm adding the dimension of blogging our process to the whole World — Ya know how it takes a village? Yeah.

So for the month of February, Pamela's focus is on connecting to clients, philanthropy, and organizing her environment. Jen wants to raise her income, get the word out about her bodywork practice, and prepare for her vision quest. I'm going to focus on marketing web strategy, documenting this project, and finishing a Dungeons&Dragons adventure I'm writing :)

As the project evolves I'll write updates and notes, sharing what works, what needs improving, and what we believe is the most effective recipe for making our awesome lives happen!!!

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