Consultant - Coach - Agent

Q: What do you do as a small business coach?

A: In San Francisco, when I recommend a client focus on health & wellness to build a successful project I'm taken seriously. On that level I'm a business coach ensuring peak performance.

Q: How do you help grow small businesses?

A: SF entrepreneurs love to get out there and network, that's where I start to feel like an agent. There's SO much going on in this town that mixes well with business. Introducing clients to service professionals is fun when both parties are eager and ready to make industry connections.

Q: So where does the consulting come in?

A: When I start advising the client, either brainstorming or teaching, we get to business fast. These SF business owners want tools and action items in bulleted lists --theory earns me brisk nods but we move on quickly to task items.

Q: What makes San Francisco entrepreneurs different?

A: Maybe it's because so many people came to San Francisco from somewhere else. We're here for a purpose, and that makes us enthusiastic and focused on good business practices. It allows me to do the work I do best: Connect, Support & Inform.

Business Consulting & Coaching

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