Seven steps to busting through writer's block

It IS a process, oh gosh yes it is. The answer isn't about one silver bullet or a matter of time even. It's more about what are the environmental conditions that get us into action?

One method I notice can work is having regular check-ins with deadlines —if having a babysitter doesn't drive you to just shut down and bail out, which I've done myself like...a dozen times at least.

I notice that being in the same room with somebody who is silent, but they know you're committed to writing and they're there to support you can make writing happen. It's commonly called co-working, and it seems to work pretty well.

Sometimes the block is SO entrenched that emotional catharsis...screaming and lashing out and such, that release can open up space to write. That's worked for me, and it's fun :)

Setting up a structure with times and a plan and labeled boxes to check off helps, it works probably better when there's a person to check in with...but again, authority figures can just make a body start slashing tires and howling at the moon rather than get any actual writing done.

I myself have a huge writing project due right now and I'm writing this article instead... because I'm as much a victim to distraction as anybody is.

If I could point to the the most effective strategy I know to make writing happen I'd say the following:

  1. Declare it. Out loud, "I'm gonna write this thing dammit!"
  2. Lay out concrete goals like: Home Page drafted by Tuesday, sky-diving article drafted by Friday, etc.
  3. Make a list of writing times on your calendar.
  4. Get a babysitter, either in the room with you to check-in by phone. Email the results to them as proof.
  5. Be willing to write total crap. Revision is a gazillion times easier than writing.
  6. Be patient and forgiving with yourself for blowing deadlines.
  7. Never quit, never give up.
...there's some old adage about how anyone can fall off their horse six times, but it takes a master to be willing to get back on a seventh.

That's what I got~

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