Grateful to be Giving Our Gifts...

Many new entrepreneurs I work with have become entrepreneurs because they can be of service to their fellow humans, and they also see self-employment as the best way to design their own daily experience —by setting their own hours, working from their own office, and creating their own sets of priorities. It's like a deal entrepreneur's make with their community: They will give their greatest skills in service to their community, and in exchange they will have control over their workday. Sounds solid enough right?

What's ironic is that, so often, their communities are not even aware of the gifts these entrepreneurs bring to them, and it turns out that designing and controlling our own work experience can be a real challenge. There are so many critical components that we need to master in business. And the margin for error feels so narrow, so many critical steps that we don't even know about when we start out on our own.

What entrepreneurs need is a map of how to build a solid business that works, and by the time that gets figured out, most are just grateful to practice their craft.

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