Workshop Series: How To Create Your Own Marketing Media

How To Create Your Own Marketing Media

A Four part Workshop Series

  1. Learn to record and post your own YouTube video
  2. Create your own simple Wordpress website
  3. Manage your own social profile marketing
  4. Build your own strategic marketing plan

When: The first Friday of every month
Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm (usually)
Where: Each workshop location will be announced

Fee: $150 per day or $400 pre-paid package (call for details)

Call to sign up: (415) 515-1252

These four, day-long marketing Seminars will each cover a different component of your online marketing strategy. 12 participants will learn how to create and post their own their own marketing tools.

The video workshop is split into two half-day sessions, and is led by Dimitri William Moore. Dimitri will walk participants through the process of planning, shooting, capturing, and editing their own short promotional video. 

The website workshop, led by Damian Sol, will teach participants how to set up and manage their own simple website. 

The third workshop will cover Social Profile Marketing, and be led by Alex Jb. 

On week four, John Van Dinther will lead, helping participants develop their own comprehensive strategic marketing plan that will integrate the marketing tools developed in the previous workshop sessions.

New participants will each receive a free 1-hour consultation with John Van Dinther focused on business marketing.

Fee: $150 for a single workshop day.


Pay only $400 total if you sign up for all 4 workshops.

Call to sign up: (415) 515-1252

"John's expertise helped me break down my marketing process into actionable steps." - James Riedy

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