YogaVino Networking Event

Rainbow Dragon YogaVino

Tues August 18th, 6:30 pm!

Rainbow Dragon Studio

1985 Ashby Ave. Berkeley, CA 94703

Dakota here, warmly inviting you to a YogaVino celebrating the opening of Rainbow Dragon Studio, home of Rainbow Dragon Bodymind Coaching (individual sessions and packages of bodywork, White Cloud energy healing and movement/Pilates coaching).

Rainbow Dragon Studio is located in a historic turn of the century business and residential complex right across the street from Ashby BART in central Berkeley. The address is 1985 Ashby, 1/2 way between Adeline and Otis.

This is a networking social, please bring business cards, a yoga mat and your favorite bottle of wine or other beverage. Don't forget to have something with you to stow other folks business cards in.

Please arrive between 6:20 - 6:45. You can put your mat down and stretch out at 6:20. Doors close at 6:45. If you arrive after this, you may not be able to get in.

Yoga begins promptly at 6:45, winding down with a brief ritual by 7:30

This is where we open those bottles and you get to share scintillating conversation over your favorite beverage. (Or just breath and "ohm" if that's more your style.)

At 8pm Dakota and Friends will be offering:

Bodywork and energy mini sessions (Dakota McKenzie)

Astrology mini sessions (Jamie Kahl)

Tarot mini readings (Andy Davis)

(Yes, everything is "mini" so we can fit you all in. There is no charge for this. Our only requirement for any mini session is that you have not yet experienced our work...Enjoy!)

Note: This is a business AND residential neighborhood. Please respect the natives coming and going. Taking BART is a supergreat way to come as you only have to walk across the street (Ashby) and there you are. Parking can be had on Adeline and in the BART parking lot. Please try Otis St. last, as it is residential and folks will be returning from work looking to park in front of their homes. We appreciate your being a good neighbor.

Thank-you for showing up! Thank-you for helping us pilot this event! If we like it and you like it, there may be more! We might even bring YogaVino to your business! (Talk to John).

(Keep an eye out for an October YogaVino at Rainbow Dragon Temple in the Berkeley Hills, home of Dakota's MoveAlive! groups, Body Being Self Healing experiential journey workshops (on self healing, intuition and creativity in the cycle of the seasons), and Remembering the Circle Priestess training.)

We look forward to meeting you and sharing a most memorable evening!

We are all crystal light pillars of radiant beingness! The Dragon wants YOU to help change the world back to the amazing place it really is!


Dakota McKenzie John Van Dinther

David Schlussel, Robin Sylvan, Andy Davis

Jamie Kahl

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