How Meditation Can Make Your Business Work

Your business demands that you wear many hats and that you juggle them constantly. Juggling hats! You have to be aware of your options, prioritize tasks, and be reliable. How can you do all that? Regular practices help.

Managing in-boxes, planning the week ahead, tracking your finances - these are all jobs that can get boring or slip beneath your radar.

Creating a regular meditation practice is the best tool you have for keeping your business house in order, here's how:

Every day, for 7 days, sit for 5 minutes and concentrate on your breath. When you notice you have become distracted, by stray thoughts or emotions, acknowledge the distraction and return to your breath. This will attune you to focusing on simple tasks.

After a week of meditating, plan to work on something you normally find challenging right after your meditation. (I find this is a good time to track my finances.) While you work, remain in a meditative state, concentrating on steady breath and returning to the task at hand when you become distracted.

Soon, you will notice that your task has simply become a set of actions. Your commitment to the meditation becomes associated with your commitment to the work. I've noticed that when I meditate right before a task I no longer judge the task as hard or boring, it's simply what I'm doing right now.

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