10 Steps To An Effective Web Strategy

1. Write 10 articles about your work
That's right 10. Go write them now... done yet? Just remember that you'll be writing about what you love to do. If you don't love what you do you're in the wrong line of work. You should think about keywords, but that's another article. Just be clear about what you do and the solutions you provide. Start with a list of topics that pertain to your field and that will be valuable for clients. Outlines are great for this sort of thing.

2. Start a blog on Blogspot
...or Wordpress, whatever floats your boat. Just go there and start an account. Pick a template, you can always change it, but start posting now. Remember, you can delete stuff and you can change stuff whenever - so get it going and think about details later. You don't need any web skills or anything like that.

3. Post articles weekly
The big rule is to start now, to post often, and to get all that rich content out there. Remember to add labels (sometimes called tags). I strongly recommend you get someone to look over your stuff and help edit, that second pair of eyes can be a Godsend. And you've got a ton of content - 10 weeks worth of posts. Tell people about your blog, invite them to visit it through emails. Not everyone will be fascinated, but some people will be.

4. Start a Facebook group
Your friends and relatives are on Facebook, go find them and make friends with their friends. If you don't want to waste all your time reading stupid posts from people you don't know then don't. Don't respond to vampire bites or join stupid groups whose sole purpose is to prove that we're all sorta closely connected. Facebook is the center of town right now, so there's no point in ignoring it. DO go there and start to comment about how your life and your business are connected. Respond to your friends and post interesting tidbits from your blog. Create Facebook events for people to come see you present. This is the easiest place in the world to get the word out, take advantage of it.

5. Make friends & post edited articles
Take those 10 articles you wrote and posted to your blog, edit them to fit your topic on your Facebook group and post them there too. Create links to your blog. Another great place to find viewers for your blog is on other blogs. Go comment on blogs in your field, add a link to your blog at the bottom, especially a topical link to something you've spoken about directly on your own site. People love to click-through and check things out.

6. Create Linked-In & Yelp profiles
Go join LinkedIn and start inviting people you know to connect with you. Then go create a Yelp business profile (different than a personal profile) so people can review your work. The whole idea is to get people to start finding you and clicking on you. Other good sites to make a profile on are Myspace and Biznik and Naymz.

7. Ask for testimonials
Send out emails to people that have used your work and ask for a testimonial. If it helps, you can ask them focusing questions like, "How did I improve your profitability?" or "What a three things you like about my services?". Post the testimonials to your blog and other social profiles.

8. Turn articles into email newsletters
Ok, so remember those 10 articles you wrote? Edit them again to fit into an email newsletter. Remember that people only like valuable information in their email, so stick to bullet points and pithy writing. Also, add a special offer, 10% off or a 2 for 1 introduction - anything that offers direct clear value. Constant Contact is a great tool for this.

9. Turn newsletters into an eBook
By now you've edited those 10 articles a few times, and you've gotten a second set of eyes to go over your work, right? What glues these ideas together? Is there anything else that inspires you about your craft that you haven't shared? Put it in there. This is the beginning of your eBook. There are tons of ebook directories, they may even host and promote your book for free or a sponsorship link posted to your site. eBooks add credibility and give people the big picture on what you offer.

10. Create calls to action...
By now you have begun to generate traffic. People are coming to your blog, they're reading articles, they're downloading your eBook and they're clicking back to your site from your links on other blogs. Now it's time for them to act. Do you want them to call you? Post your phone number prominently. Are you selling online? Make sure that shopping cart button is front and center. Offer discounts if they "Act Now" and be clear about how valuable that will be for them.

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