Farmers vs Hunters

Inbound Marketing is a buzzword that could use some clarification. What does it mean to bring people in? Isn't that the same as old-school marketing? In short, no. Think of farming vs. Hunting. Outbound marketing is about going out and hunting down customers. Cold calls, discounts, advertising. The goal is to convince people, and it can burn a lot of energy.

Inbound marketing is about creating rich content that interests your target market. It's about being a resource that people can trust. How-To manuals, instructional videos and expert opinions offered through blogs and websites. These are spread out through social networks and different media: podcasts, videos, eBooks, tweets, whatever. It's also about getting people talking, whether commenting on blog posts or forwarding links, about your topic of expertise. You are suddenly the expert who's word is passed on to others, and people are coming to you for advice, at first, and then your services. Now THAT's harvesting just rewards.

Outbound Marketing - Finding clients
  • Making sales
  • Promoting products
  • Finding leads
  • Capturing markets
Inbound Marketing - Getting found by clients
  • Speaking to needs & interests
  • Providing access to rich content
  • Creating dialog within community
  • Connecting through several channels

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