Google's New Browser Lights a Fire

I haven't played with Google's new web browser, Chrome, yet but John Brandon from Web 2.0 has. I'm intrigued, yet skeptical, about his thoughts on Google's claim for Web dominance. I suspect they just want to make the rest of the horses (IE, Firefox, Opera & Safari) run faster.

Chrome is a first glimpse at Google 2.0, an effort to make cloud computing ubiquitous and the desktop a thing of the past. For anyone who has wondered whether Google will release an operating system, the short answer is: yes, they just did.

And here's the proof. When you install Chrome, it asks you if you want to use Google as the search engine. You might think, well - of course! But what Google is saying with that question is: we intend to own the Web, and when we do, we don't want to get sued for monopolistic practices. Wow. [more]

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