Great Article by Stew Friedman About Making Professional and Personal Life Work Together

I really appreciate the work that Stew Friedman has done to, more than just shed light on, but to also pioneer our understanding of this social issue that we live with every day -- but we have only just begun to define clearly. 
"The resonance of Anne-Marie Slaughter's Atlantic article is testimony to how far we've come since 1987, when I began talking about work and family in my Wharton School classes. Back then, many students — men and women — flat-out resented it. "We're here to learn about business, not family," they said. And when I started the Wharton Work/Life Integration Project a few years later, I got some strange looks, for it was odd to be a man talking about work and family at a business school known mainly for its strength in finance. "Why," some of my colleagues wondered, "are you focusing on this women's issue?"
But this is not a women's issue; our increasingly shared understanding is that this a critical socialissue with great economic consequences." [more]

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