How to Not Post on Facebook

Miss Lisa and I were talking about Facebook updates that bugged her,
stuff she just wishes her Facebook friends would never do. Being
negative or whiny topped Lisa's list of lameness. I added that
speaking poorly of others never worked out either, and she agreed.

Don't be boring was an obvious one, but how? What's interesting
depends on tastes and interests. Lisa isn't interested in politics,
but I am. Then I thought about it though, I just don't read the
political stuff my Facebook friends post. I might agree with them, but
it still feels bossy. It's a tricky edge to hold, because people like
reading useful information, but they tend to ignore blatant advice on
Facebook —Lisa does, anyway.

Miss Lisa frowns on artificial conversation starters too. Those call
outs like, " What did YOU have for lunch today?" don't seem to
actually get many responses unless it's about something people want to
talk about anyway. I've noticed that, " Where would you go for an all
expenses paid vacation?" or " How would you spend a million bucks?"
often DO get a lot of responses, and I think that's because people
like to share their dreams :)

Business promotion is a tricky thing too. I know many of us have lots
of entrepreneur friends who connect to clients through Facebook. While
we totally expect them to use their facebook pages for self-promotion,
if it's everyday and hits the same note all the time, it's tedious—
not at all the impression they want to leave, I'm sure.

It gets me thinking that maybe self-promotion is the wrong way to look
at it. Nobody wants to be sold to all the time We want to be
entertained, we want to learn new things, and we to connect with our
community. Now how do we do THAT?

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