5 Tips That Turn A Sale Into An Opportunity

I hate pushy sales, so I always make sure a potential client is really interested, and it's so cool when they thank me for being persistent and for getting back to them. It's a nice way to open a sales call, being thanked :)

1. When I get a business card or contact information, I ask if it's o.k. to call, just to confirm.

2. I always ask, "When is a good time to call?" so they affirm it and they expect my call.

3. If I'm leaving a message ( I often don't leave messages since getting a person on the line is better) I make it clear that I don't want to trouble them, and to please let me know if they don't need my services.

4. I ask what people need, and then I shut up and listen. I get really clear about what they need. I've either got a solution or I don't, and that's all there is to that.

5. I ask what people believe they'll get from my services. If they can't answer that then why are we talking? A person needs to really be clear on what I can do for them, that's my job — to convey the opportunity effectively.

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