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The Bare Bones of Getting Things Done
  • Capture all incoming Information into inboxes:
    • Paper
    • Email
    • Voice
  • Empty those every day by applying the 5Ds:
    • Do (like, right now)
    • Delegate (hand it to somebody else to do)
    • Defer (put it off)
    • Deposit (file)
    • Delete (don't do ever)
  • The first three Ds take action and need tracking in a system of lists:
    • Do (task list): If the action can be done in a couple of minutes, do it right then.
    • Delegate (waiting for list): Give it to someone else and track it.
    • Defer (calendar): No shame in doing it later. Just track it.
  • During the day, work the tasks lists as your Calendar permits, and review the waiting for list to follow up. And remember. Never ever let an item slide on your calendar.
Props to Matthew Cornell for his awesome translation of David Allen's ideas.

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