Transformational Yoga Retreat

2008 October 23-26
Expose yourself to your own divinity
Connect with your heart's essence during this four day yoga retreat at the Blue Pearl Temple in Sebastopol, CA. You will be guided through Anusara-Inspired® Yoga and Transformational Circling enabling you to...

Discover, accept, and love yourself more fully
Clarify your path through your yoga practice
Create powerful support for yourself in your relationships and your community

The Open Here Yoga Retreat is designed to connect you more deeply to your heart's essence, your chosen path, and your community by awakening your spiritual growth through Anusara-Inspired® yoga and transformational circling. At the Open Here retreat, you will practice yoga to open your physical form, and move through experiential exercises to help release any blocks to your heart, leaving you in a clear and present space to create your life as an expression of who you truly are. Circling is a practice that gives a person the opportunity to be seen by their community and supported in that space completely. You will be the center of the circle for long enough to feel deeply seen, held to your highest standard and totally loved.

This retreat will bring you home to your body and create breakthroughs in relationships, career and personal expression. You will be nourished by organic food in an exquisite location on a wooded two acre private property. You will enjoy this retreat if you are looking to discover the power within yourself and you want to relate to people in a way that is deeply fulfilling and authentic.

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OPEN HERE: Day by Day

Thursday: Experience Circling firsthand and reinvigorate your yoga practice...

Learn concepts and distinctions for overcoming fears holding you back from your desires
Connect to the group, witness and share while exploring self-limiting beliefs
90 minutes of Breathwork followed by Circling

Together, we will lay the context of community, transformation and yogic philosophy. It will be a day of learning and discovery. Participants will connect to each other, sharing personally where they have been stopped in the past and what breakthroughs they desire from the course. You will discover the line that holds you within your perceived limitations. This same line exists whether exploring physical limits, emotional expression, or exploring the boundary of what is possible in your life. Discover that line, learn how to talk about it, how to be with it when it shows up, and how to hold it... rather than having it hold you.

Friday and Saturday: Go Deeper into Yourself, Yoga and Circling...

Get control back from the voice sourcing old patterns
Learn how to acknowledge and have compassion for that voice
Explore underlying needs and how to fulfill them consciously on your own terms

Friday and Saturday we will go deep, both on the mat and in Circling. You will connect to others in the group, witnessing and encouraging one another as each person shares the fears and desires held in their hearts. What makes this work possible is the power of Reflective Circling. You will have the opportunity to see yourself through the loving eyes of your community. This process will give you fresh insights that could otherwise take years to learn. People who have experienced Circling have changed career paths, created new relationships, and perhaps most importantly, changed their relationship to themselves powerfully and completely.

We have scheduled 90 minute Circles for each participant, and made room for one-on-one coaching to be available during breaks.

Sunday: A Day of Creation, Celebration and Belonging

Create a personal clearing and manifestation ritual
Express your desires through art and dance
Be acknowledged by your community

You will experience a day of powerful integration, taking what you have learned and bringing it into physical form so that your breakthroughs will be manifested in the rest of your life. We will each create a personal ritual, as well as express and celebrate through art and dance. Everyone will have the opportunity to create a plan that will act as a road map in reaching their goals. Leaders and participants will gather together to share acknowledgments. Much celebrating, feasting and dancing will be had by all.

Come join us this October for a life changing experience.

Visit the Open Here Site to find out more.

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