The Secret to Success

The secret to successful business is aligning your actions with your dreams. You have a craft and a vision for bringing it to the world.

Most business consultants don’t deal with emotions, yet the best business people are always those who make "gut decisions". They aren't talking about their tummy, they're talking about making decisions from their emotions. Vision is sourced from those emotions.

On the other hand, the emotion of fear is also what's keeping you on the couch. You are NOT lazy or uninspired or stupid --REALLY. You are just afraid.

So emotions are key and you keep trying to be more reasonable, but that's like trying to paint watercolors with a monkey wrench. Your emotions don't work like that.

The key to overcoming fear is to say, "Thank you for sharing fear". Really feel it, and then get into action. There are risks and the fear is intense, but that's what it takes. Living your vision is intense and beautiful and scary --and that's exactly what you signed up for.

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