2hats Coaching Services

Use coaching tools to clarify your goals for your business, and then apply natural planning to create a detailed map showing you how to get there.

* Clarify purpose
* Collaborative brainstorming
* Strategic planning
* Task based action plans

Discover Current Position

We break down the components and processes of your business to reveal information blocks, untapped resources and new opportunities.

* Work process assessment
* Consulting & coaching support
* Access to business tools

Develop Optimal Practices

I will collaborate with you to create solutions that are personalized to fit your life and your business, finding new opportunities and simplifying your processes.

* Using personal expression as marketing
* Sustainability strategies to save & connect
* Strategic planning tools & tricks
* Automate systems for clarity & ease


Regular check-ins, making sure you are on path to reach your expressed goals.

* Session reviews document materials covered
* Action plans break down what's next
* 24/7 support to Keep your business on track

Business Consulting & Coaching

For entrepreneurs ready to take their San Francisco Bay Area business to the next level.