2hats coaching & consulting

2hats Consulting is a San Francisco-based consulting firm serving entrepreneurs and small businesses committed to reaching their highest potential through values focused business, collaborative planning and measuring results to insure optimal outcomes. I support you as a client by encouraging you to reach for your highest potential, by teaching you how to do it on your own, and supporting you through the roughest challenges.

John F. Van Dinther, Consultant & Coach
I have 15 years experience as an entrepreneur and over 10 years experience as a business consultant.
I help business owners get the energy & actions of businesses aligned by focusing on vision, good practices, and detailed planning.

I received my Master's Degree in Business (MBA) from California State University, Chico. There, I developed an entrepreneurship exchange program for Philippino students while working in Manila, revealing leadership potential and creating opportunities through team development & strategic planning.

Since returning to the Bay Area, I have been creating opportunities for entrepreneurs with the passion to see their own vision realized.

The Support Team
Bringing in the experts. I work with small business service providers, learning their strengths and personalities to create good matches for my clients. I will connect you with online marketers, personal assistants, professional organizers, website developers, tax attorneys, bookkeepers, accountants and more.

Business Consulting & Coaching

For entrepreneurs ready to take their San Francisco Bay Area business to the next level.